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Castl Climber (Commodore 64), by Nello Galiano (!NG73) 

Start the game by typing sys24576

Joystick on port 2;
UP: Climb the Tower;
LEFT /RIGHT: go to left/right;
FIRE use Shield;
DOWN spear  the iron club (to kill the guards who throw pitch)

Collect the keys, every 7 open doors you pass to the next difficulty level.

Music Credits: Paul Clansey - Evil Crown (1985 Argus Press Software)

Install instructions

Load the game on Commodore 64 or a C64 Simulator (Like Vice).

When loaded you should type sys24576 to start the game


castleclimber.prg 25 kB


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hi ! :)

Thanks for this cool C64 games !

After the Level with the Dragon and green keys, the game returned directly to the title screen, is it a bug?

I would like to talk about your game in my c64 news show, is it a preview or a final release ? 

Olivier (Commodore 64 Mania)

it's not a bug...there will be the sequel and a new release!

OK ! 😊 Great !

Nice game !

The prg file doesn´t run. Please upload the right file. I want to collaborate with you in publishing your game. Greetings and congrats.

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Have u read install istructions ?
This Game haven't autorun:

When loaded you should type sys24576 to start the game

Thank you for spreading!

The Hautor is ing73!

My apologies to you. Congrats !

Great game mister!

Thanks Back2the8bit!

very good