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Commodore Connection (C64)

Game developed for "Retro Race Game Jam" by RPI & Phaze101 (2022/2023)

The game was inspired from Coin-UP "City Connection".
Graphics & GamePlay: Bonin Emanuele (GDM)
Music FX: Mario Morra


Joystick on Port 2
Left     -> Go Left
Right    -> Go Right
Fire     -> Short Jump
Fire+Up  -> High jump or "kick" other cars

The car should run accross all platform's chuncks changing it's color.
The level is ended when all chuncks will be colored.
You have three lives

The player will lose a live when:

   * Touch the cat
   * Touch the other car (withouth a "chick")

The Player will gain points:

   * Coloring Chunks
   * Chicking other cars
   * Touching the gasoline Tank



CC.prg 33 kB


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Very cool as well as difficult game 😉 As an editor of "K&A PLUS"


 magazine I have some questions about this game. If I can ask you to contact me on email


I will be very grateful.


Retro Chlop


Grazie Marco.
Ma merito va anche a Mario Morra che ha riprodotto la musica del coin up.
Dovrei comunque miglioralo e aggiungerci livelli ... ma si sa le buone intenzioni non sempre superano la fase dello slancio iniziale

Certo, complimenti a entrambi! Ti auguro comunque di riuscire a riprendere il progetto.

Nice game !